Residential Lifts Range
Residential Lifts Range
Residential Lifts Range
Residential Lifts Range

Compact Home Lifts has compiled an excellent space-saving and very economical range of residential lifts that can be installed in almost any Australian home across the country. Now sold worldwide, the Compact residential lift concept was designed and manufactured in Australia before it was launched in 2010.

Our residential lift is special because it requires no lift shaft or load bearing walls and does not use hydraulics unlike most conventional home elevators. The home lift is a self-supporting structure because it travels on an ingenious dual rail system which makes it easy to install with no major building work or disruption.

With residential lifts offices in Sydney and Melbourne, all home elevators by Compact Home Lift are powered via a normal AC power socket just like any other regular household appliance. These leading-edge features mean it is possible for us to install your Compact Home Lift virtually anywhere in your home. Our residential lift is an ideal replacement for a stairlift and can fit into spaces other conventional residential lifts cannot.

At Compact Home Lifts, we have designed and engineered our residential lifts to the highest standard and can help recommend the best home elevator for you. Compact Home Lifts is based out of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and covers Tasmania – and is a proud Member of the Australian Elevator Association MAEA.

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Duo Home Elevator

Compact Elegance Home Lift

The Compact Elegance Home Lift is the perfect alternative to a stairlift or a conventional hydraulic lift. Capable of taking two passengers up to one floor in under 30 seconds, the Elegance offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched.

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Compact Lifts Trio Elevator

Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift

The Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift is our luxury wheelchair-friendly home elevator and can transform your quality of life. It has been designed to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair and is ideal for users with a walking frame.

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Residential Lift Applications

Standard Retrofit

Many Compact Lifts customers have their residential lift installed in a downstairs room such as a hallway or lounge. The home elevator can then travel upstairs to a bedroom or landing area.

Stairwell Void
Stairwell Void

We can use the dead space in the void of a stairwell to fit one of our Compact Lifts due to the shape and size of our elevator. No other home lift on the Australian market can offer this solution.

Closet to Closet
Cupboard to Cupboard

An innovative feature of a Compact Home Lift is that it can be tucked away in either a cupboard or wardrobe on both floors. This makes it ideal for customers who wish to conceal their lift.

Thru Car

The Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift is capable of thru car configuration making it possible for you to enter on one side of the lift on ground level and leave from the other side once you reach the first floor.

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling
Sloped Ceiling

Does your home have a sloped ceiling? It will still be possible for us to fit one of our lifts. We just need to create a small flat area so the guide rails land at the upper ceiling to accept the guide rail spreader plate.


A Compact Lift can provide fast access from your garage into your home. It is suggested to add protection bollards to avoid accidental damage to the lift from a car for maximum protection.

“We bought a Compact Home Lift because it has allowed us to stay in our home. It was a far cheaper solution when compared with the cost of moving house.”

George, 66

“The lift is easy to operate, very quiet and looks stylish too. We are absolutely delighted with it and would recommend it to anyone.”

Peter, 71

“We looked at buying a stairlift but made the right decision choosing a Compact Home Lift. It has exceeded all our expectations.”

Pippa, 56

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